Chasm Calypso


Artist: EH Macmillan

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Chasm Calypso

Artist: Sebastian Luca

Chasm Calypso, Arc 2


"Just a tremendous flow of energy! It has an animatic kind of angle, presenting Quitt and Scratch in dynamic format amid a structure of geometric urban builds. The art style leaves quite an impact -- gritty and rough while still giving curvature and minute gestural qualities a bit of care for the characters' subtle expressiveness.
Exciting, fast-paced feel to this so far, definitely an admirable piece of work. The brevity in both visual and narrative complexes brings a unique freshness, many cheers!"



  • Florida Supercon
    Greater Fort Lauderdale / Broward County
  • Chasm Calypso, Vol 2
    Location TBD
  • Issue 1 now available in stores!
    4566 N University Dr
    Miami Airport Convention Center
  • San Diego Comicon
    San Diego Convention Center
  • San Diego Comicon
    San Diego Convention Center


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